Few lines of trucks or cars reach the heights that the Ford F-150 has managed to achieve as the most popular truck lineup in history. The F-150 finds its place in rural areas, cities, and suburbs and is cherished for its durability, stylish features, classic interior and most importantly- amazing performance both on and off the job. In East Windsor there are plenty of F-150 fans, and that is why we at Haldeman Ford US Hwy. 130 strive to offer the best selection of Ford F-150 models in the area.

Many of the performance features on the F-150 relate to the towing capabilities of the truck. The aluminum composite truck bed drops the weight of the vehicle significantly, to the point where users notice an increase in the feel of horsepower due to lost weight. In addition, the standard gasoline engine has been rated to carry anywhere up to 6,000 pounds and slightly less on an incline.



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