Each and every day, millions of people nationwide drive to work or school. Unfortunately, nobody’s perfect, and certain common but negative driving habits can lead to extra wear and tear on your vehicle.


To help raise awareness and to prevent a plethora of pesky repair costs, we’re breaking down four poor driving habits that you should get out of immediately!

Never Using Your Parking Brake

At one point in time, the parking brake was an essential part of the process of exiting a vehicle. Nowadays, a lot of inaccurate information exists regarding the proper use of a parking brake in modern automatic vehicles. 


While many people believe that a modern automatic car only requires the use of a parking brake when parking on inclines or rough terrain, many driving education experts believe this is incorrect.


Not using the parking brake results in your car’s entire body to rest on a small locking mechanism known as the parking pawl. Over time, your parking pawl can wear out, rendering your shifters “Park” setting completely ineffective.


Taking the time to engage your parking brake when needed isn’t difficult at all, so try to remember to use it in the future.

Driving on an Empty Gas Tank

Just like working on an empty stomach can make you miserable, forcing your car to work while constantly on “E” can have negative effects in the long term.


In modern fuel pumps, gasoline can also act as a coolant for your car’s fuel system. If you’re constantly running on fumes, your fuel mechanics could eventually overheat. This can lead to huge problems with your catalytic converter, fuel pump, and fuel system as a whole.


So even though having the finances to keep your tank filled can be tough, you should try your best to keep at least a quarter-tank filled at all times.

Hitting Potholes and Speed Bumps Too Quickly

If you’re running late or if you’re used to your local roads being in a constant state of disrepair, you may be tempted to hit speed bumps and potholes at a higher-than-recommended speed. 


However, this is one of the worst things for your car to have to endure day after day. An overly bumpy ride is consistently bad for your vehicle’s suspension, steering, and alignment, all features that allow you to ride smoothly and comfortably behind the wheel.


To prevent these issues, it can be helpful to practice defensive driving strategies. Also, proceed with extra caution if your car naturally rides low to the ground. Hitting potholes and speed bumps at high speeds can also cause cosmetic and aerodynamic damage to your bumpers and undercarriage.

Ignoring Service Lights and Other Warning Signs

Few things are more likely to result in a breakdown than consistently ignoring your car’s cries for help. It can be tempting to block “check engine” lights and strange grinding noises out of your mind as long as your car keeps getting you from point A to point B, but doing this too often could eventually lead to serious car trouble.


Waiting until the last minute to address your car’s odd squeals, creaks, and rattles can compound underlying engine issues and result in frequent breakdowns that happen at the worst possible time.

Nobody likes to be stranded in the middle-of-nowhere or to be forced to rely on friends and family for rides when your car is out of commission, so be sure to keep an eye on your dashboard lights every time you drive.

To keep your vehicle in top form, frequent maintenance visits are recommended. Luckily, Haldeman Ford’s professional and knowledgeable service team is always available to help!
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