Sometimes heated seats and built in navigation just aren’t enough for some. That’s where these extravagant amenities come in. They ensure that even the fanciest among us can be wowed by the cabin of their car. While these amenities aren’t for us and likely not you either, maybe you can show this list to one of your friends who touts themselves fancy.


Silver Plated Champagne Flutes


Yes, you read that right. There’s a sedan that offers a rear seat option with two fold-out tables, a fridge, and two silver plated champagne flutes. The flutes even have their own holders to grip the bases and prevent any spillage, which is good because whoever has this likely buys some expensive bottles. The implication of this amenities is a bit off, sure it’s meant for the passengers, but those shiny flutes are within reach of the driver. We’ll stick to our water bottles, thank you.


Granite Trim


I know when I get in a car with wood trim I’m wowed, but for those used to the truly elegant there is available granite trim. We don’t know who needs this or wants to spend $60,000 on it, but rest assured it’s a thing.


A Scent System


Okay, most of us have a little tree hanging from the mirror, but for those who “need” something more, there is a scent system. The system releases a scent from a glass vial that costs more than about 20 typical air fresheners. Apparently the four scents are meant to specifically suit the automobile space, but we can’t figure out what that means.


Leather Air Vents


For most of us just working AC is more than enough, but apparently some people need to be graced only by air that’s touched premium leather. There’s really nothing functional about this; who even thought of it?


Big Money Infotainment


So you want two iPads, two in-headset displays, and a drop down 12 inch screen worth much less than your paying for them? Well one swift $32,000 purchase will make that possible! Available as a luxury package from one of the boujee brands, this infotainment bundle seems more like a bundle of burnt money.


Are you in the mood to throw away money? No, we aren’t either. Your best bet, stick to the normal. Who really needs any of this stuff anyway?

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