The new Head to Head video from Ford pins the 2019 Expedition MAX against the GMC Yukon XL. The comparison shows the Expedition absolutely demolishing the Yukon.


The Expedition MAX out tows the Yukon XL and every other SUV in its class. The Expedition MAX has a 9,000-lb. towing capacity. That’s best-in-class towing. Also, the Expedition MAX has Blind Spot Monitoring. That’s not just blind spot awareness for the MAX it’s for your trailer as well. That's not something the Yukon XL is capable of. And, the MAX has Pro Trailer Backup Assist™. The system helps guide your trailer where you want it everytime. Does you Yukon XL have it? Nope.


To give the Expedition MAX an even more comfortable win, it offers best-in-class second and third row legroom. That means everyone in the Expedition MAX will have the maximum amount of space to stretch out.


Ford SUVs have the highest brand loyalty in the industry, and the Expedition MAX helps to show us why. There’s no reason to go with anything but a Ford, the Ford Expedition MAX does more.

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