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3 New Year’s Resolutions Every New Driver Should Make Right Now


The new year is upon us, and while everyone else is busy vowing to lose weight or break bad habits, new drivers should focus on the here and now. Why not make some automotive-centric resolutions?


The start of 2021 marks a fresh start for many of us, and it could be a great time to focus on learning new information and skills that can help you with your daily life. Without further ado, here are three New Year’s resolutions every new driver should make right now!

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Ford To Supply Engines For De Tomaso as Supercar Manufacturer Moves To the U.S.


Do you remember De Tomaso, the renowned European manufacturers of the legendary Pantera supercar? As many diehard Ford fans could probably tell you, it was Ford who provided the high-powered engines that this car used throughout its run from 1971 to 1993.


Now, the famous Italian automaker has decided to move its headquarters to the United States, and it is once again turning to the Blue Oval brand for power and performance parts.

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Fall Has Finally Arrived! Is It Time For a Brake Check?


It’s finally October! While that’s great for fans of football and fans of the spooky season, we can’t forget that winter conditions are right around the corner. In the wintertime, proper brake function is incredibly important.


Over time, your vehicle’s brake components can wear out and require replacement. Elements like brake fluid, brake pads, calipers, and rotors should be inspected for proper level and quality on a regular basis.

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What Are the Early Signs of Transmission Failure?


Perhaps no two words are more frightening for a car owner to hear than “transmission failure.” Unfortunately, this is one of the most common, expensive, and difficult-to-repair automotive issues that can occur.


Whether your vehicle has an automatic or a manual transmission, it’s never a good sign for this system to show signs of excessive wear and tear. After all, this system is responsible for controlling the power and speed of your car, truck, or SUV. Without it, you’re going nowhere.

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