The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

With each passing year, electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace on the roads. Once upon a time, a car that you could charge right in your home was something out of science fiction, but these days it's not only really but widely accessible. Electric vehicles are more than just a zero-emissions version of the gas-powered vehicles that we're all familiar with. They can offer plenty of perks and benefits that just can't be achieved with more traditional vehicles, and their reduced impact on the environment is just one of many upsides to driving a hybrid or electric vehicle. To learn more about what an EV could do for you, keep reading below!


Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are the perfect blend between the benefits of an EV and a gas-powered vehicle. With a plug-in hybrid, you'll get a rechargeable electric motor that you need to plug in just like a battery electric vehicle, but you also get an additional gas-powered engine that extends the range of the vehicle. A traditional hybrid vehicle has an electric motor and a gas-powered engine, but rather than plugging in to recharge, the electric motor charges itself as you drive. A traditional hybrid vehicle may not be eligible for the same tax credits and monetary perks as a battery electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.


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Electric Vehicles

Battery-electric vehicles are the purest expression of what a car can do without any need for fossil fuels. Their lowered environmental impact is only one small part of the upsides they offer their drivers- they are also cheaper to fuel and maintain than a gas-powered vehicle, frequently offer a better driving experience with smoother and quieter acceleration, and are eligible for things like tax rebates that can make it even more of a wise choice financially to drive a car like this. You don't even need a special dedicated outlet in your home to charge an electric vehicle- a standard 120V outlet and a Level 1 charger will set you up perfectly for overnight charging that will keep you running.


The future of electric vehicles is looking bright with Ford, and you won't want to be behind the curve of the biggest transportation innovation of our lifetimes. Get your EV or hybrid vehicle with Ford today and start enjoying all the benefits that these vehicles have to offer! Contact Haldeman Ford East Windsor for more information. You can also browse our available inventory here or pay a visit to our dealership in East Windsor, NJ.

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