Ford Is Closer To Unveiling A Mustang-Inspired Electric SUV

Ford Motor Company is getting closer to releasing a monumental vehicle that will be a major first for the company: a fully-electric, Ford Mustang-inspired SUV. Ford announced the vehicle’s development at the Detroit Auto Show in January and just recently released what appears to be a teaser image of what the back of the vehicle may look like.

From the image, it appears that the SUV will feature three-bar tail lights similar to the Mustang. It also shows a coupe-like body shape toward the back of the vehicle, which looks somewhat like the Mustang from behind.  

The fully-electric utility…

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New Ford Fiesta Smart Features Drivers Appreciate

If you are wondering why the new Ford Fiesta is the subcompact car drivers are talking about, you might want to look at some of these smart features.

Don't worry about getting a car with a manual transmission any longer, the new Ford Fiesta has the standard Hill Start Assist that will help you avoid sliding back on an incline. If you're shifting on a hill, the feature grabs hold of the brakes long enough so you can shift without rolling back into another vehicle. 

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Ford Honors 1968 GT40 With Replica Paint Scheme For GT Supercar

Ford Motor Company is paying homage to its historic Le Mans-winning 1968 GT40 with the new 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition that features the one of the most famous paint schemes in all of motorsports: Heritage Blue and Heritage Orange.

The 1968 Ford GT40 won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1968 and 1969. It was sponsored by Gulf Oil and was instantly recognizable due to its Heritage Blue and Heritage Orange color scheme, one that the Ford GT will replicate in 2019 to honor the historic vehicle for its 50th anniversary.

The 2019 Ford GT’s tribute doesn…

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The 2018 Ford F-150 Protects You and Your Cargo

With a 5-star crash safety rating from the NHTSA, you can rest assured that your new F-150 is going to protect you and your passengers. All of the military-grade alloys that were used to build this full-size pickup went through years of rigorous testing, and that is why the 2018 Ford F-150 will pull through when you need it the most.

Every F-150 now comes with a fully boxed steel frame with large cross-sections. That means improved body rigidity when the F-150 is being pushed to its limits. This popular pickup also has a hardened aluminum body that goes through…

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The Radar-Equipped Ranger

The arrival of a new vehicle is one of the most exciting events in the automotive industry. These vehicles are often anticipated due to their new perks; horsepower, gas mileage, and cargo space to name a few. New vehicles have the opportunity to make a dent in the industry and shape the course of the markets.

Often, some of the most highly-anticipated new vehicles are ones that have previously gone out of production. This is the case with the all new 2019 Ford Ranger. The Ranger, a midsize pickup, has been out of production for several years. The new Ranger…

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Adaptive Cruise Control Reduces Traffic

One of the most tedious parts of commuting is the traffic. Traffic can be caused by accidents, construction, and lane closures. However, one common form of traffic is phantom traffic, which is purely caused by drivers.

Phantom traffic is the result of braking and driver reactions. How do you prevent this from happening? With Ford Adaptive Cruise Control, drivers can spend time on the road without traffic. The cruise control automatically senses shifts in driver speed and adapts to drivers ahead. With this feature, phantom traffic can be eliminated. To learn more, check out the video above.

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Ford Fusion: Fuel Saving Systems and Apps

The Ford Fusion is a popular midsize sedan that allows the driver to choose between plug-in power, gas, or a combination of both. Ford also uses crowd source information to get you to your destination faster, which will save you time and fuel.

The EV system has several modes. The EV Now makes the engine use mainly plug-in power. The EV Later saves the plug-in power for the end of the trip. To help plan the best mode to be in Ford created MyFord mobile app and the My Ford Mobile website. At these sites, you can plan your trip…

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Keeping Your Pet Safe In Your Vehicle

Whether it’s as a patient for the annual trip to the vet or a faithful road trip companion, we love having our furry friends join us out on the open road. Catching a glimpse of an excited puppy sticking his head out the back window of a passing vehicle can be a highlight of even the grumpiest commuter’s day. However, this doesn’t mean that they are exempt from the typical safety precautions; in fact, having free reign in the car may put them in greater danger than an unchecked child. Here are some tips, tricks, and tools…

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The Ford Ranger is Built Tough

When choosing to drive a pickup truck, the choice is rarely made due to the outward appearance. The choice often revolves around how the vehicle performs under stress, how much it can tow, and how durable it is.

The 2019 Ford Ranger is built Ford tough and looking like it will make a name for itself in the coming year. This pickup is making a comeback, and Ford is ensuring that it’s built tough enough to outperform the competition. Check out the video to see the pickup’s performance tests.

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Ford Escape Loaded with Advanced Technology Features

The Ford Escape once again is being recognized as a popular crossover vehicle packed with a number of advanced technology features drivers are raving about.

The Blind Spot Information System in the Ford Escape works to keep the driver safer on the highway at high speeds. If you attempt to change lanes with another vehicle in your blind spot, the side mirrors flash an alert to keep you from moving until the vehicle has cleared that location.

The Forward Collision Warning with Brake Support system in the Ford Escape monitors ahead of the vehicle for anything moving slower than your…

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