Perhaps no two words are more frightening for a car owner to hear than “transmission failure.” Unfortunately, this is one of the most common, expensive, and difficult-to-repair automotive issues that can occur.


Whether your vehicle has an automatic or a manual transmission, it’s never a good sign for this system to show signs of excessive wear and tear. After all, this system is responsible for controlling the power and speed of your car, truck, or SUV. Without it, you’re going nowhere.


At Haldeman Ford, we want to give you all the information we can regarding the possibility of transmission failure. It is our hope that by recognizing these signs early, you may save yourself a great deal of time, stress, money, and effort. 


Manual transmission systems are usually less mechanically complicated than automatic transmission systems, and as such, they usually experience fewer issues. That said, there are some key factors that can indicate a problem no matter what type of transmission your vehicle is equipped with. 


In a manual transmission, if you have trouble getting the vehicle into gear even when the clutch is depressed, this can be a sign of a transmission issue. There may be several causes for this type of problem. 


Firstly, you should make sure that your transmission fluid is full and is the proper grade for your car. Double check to make sure you don't notice a burning smell anywhere near your transmission fluid reservoir. If there is no problem with the fluid, then faulty shift cables or clutch linkage could be the culprit.


For both automatic and manual transmissions, if you happen to hear peculiar noises when the car is in neutral (such as those akin to whining, rattling, grinding, or grating), worn gear teeth, mechanical wear, worn bearings, or a worn reverse idler gear can be a explanation as well.


Another common sign of a transmission on the verge of failure is gear slippage. This can occur in both automatic and manual transmissions, but is slightly more common for automatics. When your car slips out of gear at any speed, this can be incredibly dangerous.


If you have been experiencing any of these aforementioned issues, it is incredibly important that you have your transmission system inspected as soon as possible. Letting this go is not only dangerous, but can completely devalue your vehicle if left unaddressed.

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