Ford recently announced that it is debuting a new initiative to support commercial customers who want to switch to electric vehicles, specifically by selling them EV charging installation equipment and software management tools. Ford went on record, stating it expects to sell over 300,000 electric vehicles to companies and public institutions over the next ten years. To help with the transition, Ford has started a new project called Ford Pro Charging to provide the needed software and hardware for the charging of electric vehicles.


As it is now, Ford’s electric vehicles will arrive with the automaker’s telematics software, making lighter work for fleet owners to know where their vehicles are, how much they’re charged, and their general wellbeing at all times. For instance, an owner that is using an electric Ford F-150 Lighting Pro truck to haul a workload may end up expending more battery power than a different vehicle may use for lighter loads.


Ford Pro Charging account owners can subscribe to the company’s advanced software. The amount that each customer pays is based on the number of vehicles or charge ports they have in operation, as well as a number of other variables.


“Let’s say the customer fleet returns around 10PM planning to go back out starting at 5AM,” Muffi Ghadiali, head of Ford Pro Charging, said. “You have a limited window for charging and have to make charging decisions in a highly dynamic environment. Does every vehicle need to be fully charged? Can we balance charge power against the available charging window to take advantage of low overnight energy rates? Ford Pro Charging accounts for a multitude of variables and controls each charge station precisely to optimize energy costs and ensure vehicle uptime.”


Ford is also set up to install charging stations, both at the homes of customers and at more traditional commercial sites. The company will install either AC or DC fast charging ports, depending on a customer’s needs. Ford said it is working with a number of different suppliers, though a spokesperson declined to provide any charging company names.


Just as cell phones and the internet changed our way of life, electric vehicles are poised to do the same with a wide range of new services and features. Leveraging the electric power generation and storage available in the new F-150 Lightning and F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, Ford is building in new features that give customers functionality, convenience and capability.

With the F-150 Lightning, its power source can even be used to power a home using Ford Intelligent Backup Power. Instead of installing a home generator or battery backup, the truck can be used to power a typical-size home for up to three days in the event of a power outage. The compact electric powertrain also allowed Ford to create the first Mega Power Frunk – a front trunk that not only offers multiple power outlets but also provides up to 14 cu.-ft. of lockable storage.


“There are so many new opportunities to innovate with features and functions made possible only through electrification,” said Soderborg. “This really hit home during the Texas power crisis last February, which left millions in the cold. The F-150 Hybrid helped many Texans keep warm and powered up during those difficult times thanks to Pro Power Onboard – and we’re trying to do even more with F-150 Lightning.”

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