The All New Ford Focus

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Experience Luxury with a Splash of Style

The brand new Ford Focus charms the world of automobiles with its rich sleek elegant design. With a refreshingly styled exterior, the Ford Focus is an attention stealer all the way. This wagon is fuel efficient and challenges the competition with its zero emission fuel system. The Ford Focus sets out to be exactly what an automobile enthusiast wishes it to be: a bold fashionable vehicle coupled with some surprising power to showcase on the road.

Offering a tech-rich interior and a smooth ride, the Ford Focus offers its riders a pleasurable experience with its impressive handling and its superlative electronic arsenal.

A Peek into the Tech Artillery

As we dive deeper, the first highlight has to be the 2.0 liter (inline-4) regular unleaded EcoBoost engine. With 4-cylinders, enough to rev up a whopping 160-horsepower and a 140lb powered torque, this little beast packs power worthy enough to scorch the pavement. While smaller cars normally limit the user's driving capabilities, the Ford Focus defies the odds and is a winning racehorse.

Apart from its exceptional driving dynamics and safety features that every parent will covet, the Ford Focus comes packed with exceptional features including cruise control and a rearview camera to aid parking in tight spots. The mini wagon also features a Sync 3 touchscreen and Sony audio speakers for in-car entertainment.

The Interior is Amazing

The Ford Focus emphasizes on providing its riders with maximum comfort and abundant leg space since the seating arrangement and spacing is elegant and phenomenal. Equipped with a 6-speed transmission gearbox, the Ford Focus comes in both automatic and manual alternatives. This fuel efficient wagon performs admirably well by allowing you to drive for 39 miles for every gallon of fuel burned.

Exploring the Safety Standards

The Ford Focus features air-bags on the front and the sides to maximize protection from accidental impact. There are other safety features such as an anti-lock braking system that provides tractive control while on the road. The installed MyKey feature allows an adult or parent to adjust the maximum top speed for their child, any young adult, anyone they want really, and so on for safety purposes.

This is fantastic safety mechanism of the Focus for less experienced drivers.

Optional Improvements & The Best of Both Worlds

There is a wide range of packages available for the Ford Focus. Ford's Sync AppLink allows drivers to connect to over 60 apps through the user's phone while installing the blind spot system alerts the driver of nearby obstacles. As if this car did not have enough safety mechanisms already in place! Even society is safer when more people drive this car. Additional winter packages, as well as handling packages, are available to enhance driver experience. This includes the park assist program that guides the driver when parking in cramped locations.

The compactness of a mini car combined with the performance of a sedan is the most appropriate way to describe the Ford Focus. The speed demon comes with convenient parking due to its miniature size without the hassles of space constraints but still has enough room for a small family, two adults, a married couple, and so on. Do not forget the outstanding mpg fuel rates as well!

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